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Company Profile

Zhongwu Sterilization Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter refer as ZST), a high-tech company, already gets to be the only one in China that has the ability to self-develop, manufacture and sell pulsed light sterilization systems relying on a famous Chinese academy.

ZST was set up in 2011 with the aim of developing industrial application for pulsed light as a surface decontamination technology. Through 8 years of development, a group of domestic outstanding experts in optics, electronics, mechanics and other related fields have gathered and a highly educated operation team with full passion and pioneering spirit was built. 

In 2012, ZST has successfully developed the first world leading industrialized pulsed light sterilization system with independent intellectual property rights in China and sold to MENGNIU, the largest dairy company in China.

ZST has over 8 years of pulsed light experience and applies its industry-leading expertise to the design and manufacture of high quality pulsed light systems for use in a wide range of food production processes. Its mission is to provide customers with faultless service, and to continue improving the performance of its equipment in order to ensure food individuals eat sterile. With over 200 machines in operation at the end of 2018, ZST is today recognized by the sector as a supplier of high-performance, reliable solutions which are ideal for the requirements of the food processing industry.

In addition, ZST is an active partner in the research and development of new and emerging applications of pulsed light.

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