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Cup Sterilization with Pulsed Light

Our main clients include domestic famous enterprises as below:


In 2012, Ningbo Zhongwu has successfully developed the first world leading industrialized pulsed light sterilization system with independent intellectual property rights in China.


Zhongwu solution consists of an optical unit, control system and cooling system. 

The optical unit is integrated in the line, upstream of the filling unit for cup sterilization.

It only needs 1~2 second to achieve reduction of bacteria and spores up to 6 log


Most of the dairy companies are applying the packaging production of ZHONGYA, SIDEL, KRONES, KHS, SHIKOKU, TETRA PAK...

Zhongwu is now highly recognized by the most famous dairy & beverage companies in China as well as by the major filling machinery equipment manufacturers.


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