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Lids Sterilization with Pulsed Light

Zhongwu pulsed light is suitable for High-speed in-line sterilization, and meets the need of capacity and killing rate of the manufacturers.




38mm dia

28mm dia

Production speed

Min. 27,000 BPH

Sterilization rate

Log 6: Aspergillus Niger NBRC 6341

Log 2: Bacillus Atrophaeus ATCC9372


No alteration of colour, taste and texture

No harm to operator

The equipment is consists of an optical unit, control system and cooling system. 

An optical unit suitable for the size of the line (number of lanes), integrated upstream of the capping unit for caps or lids sterilization, and an electronic cabinet located next to the line.

Lids and bottle preform sterilization

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