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The Principle and Application of Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp 2

May. 20, 2020

2. Green Water

Green water is usually caused by too much chlorella in the water. Chlorella will proliferate in large quantities in the fish tank illuminated by the sun, and its reproduction speed is very fast. In fact, green water does not harm the ornamental fish, but it will greatly affect the appreciation and aesthetics. Therefore, many aquarists find ways to eliminate chlorella after seeing the green color in the fish tank. After trying various methods, Yuyou sees that the best effect is to use a germicidal lamp. The germicidal lamp can not only inhibit the reproduction of chlorella, but also kill it, especially at night. It is very active during the day, but at night its various functions will trough. At this time, the use of germicidal lamps will play a role.

Multiplier effect. It is used every night and continuously for several days, and the green water situation will be significantly improved.

UV germicidal lamp

Even if the germicidal lamp is very helpful to deal with the sudden water quality problems in the fish tank, it cannot be used continuously for a long time. Since the germicidal lamp will have an effect on all bacteria and viruses, whether it is beneficial bacteria or harmful bacteria, they will be killed, so when you use them, you need to pay attention to the following points:

(1)The germicidal lamp mainly relies on ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria, and ultraviolet light is also harmful to the human body. Therefore, when using the germicidal lamp, be careful not to directly irradiate human skin, especially the eyes.

(2)Avoid using it in the main tank and directly irradiate the surface of the fish, affecting the normal growth of the fish. When used, it should be used in the filter tank as far as possible, and as far as possible from the filter material, and there must be a barrier between the filter material, so that the consumption of nitrifying bacteria is reduced to the bottom.

(3)It is recommended that pulsed strong light sterilization cannot be used continuously for a long time every day to avoid causing the fish tank water nitrification system to be unsound.

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