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Treatment of Food by Pulsed Light Sterilization Technology

May. 14, 2020

Pulsed light provides today's attention to the shelf life extension and preservation benefits of various foods. After pulsed light treatment, baked goods, seafood and meat, fruits and vegetables, and many other foods show a reduction in microbial load on them, increase shelf life, increase safety, and have no change in nutritional properties. Our company provides pulsed light disinfection robot.

Baked food: 2 unpackaged breads, each cut in half, stored in a laboratory polyethylene film bag, untreated samples stored at room temperature for 5 to 7 days, there are mold colonies appear, after 11 days are full Clostridium spp .; those who were treated with pulsed light in the same situation showed no signs of mold at 11 days. The same results were obtained from other baked goods such as bread slices, chocolate cakes, baked pies, tortillas and bagels.

Pulsed Light Disinfection Robot

Seafood: Shelled shrimps (shrimp) are treated with pulsed light and stored in the refrigerator for 7 days. They are still edible, while untreated shrimps show extensive microbial degradation, discoloration and foul odor, which is not suitable for consumption. After the fish fillets are treated with pulsed light, their microbiological and sensory shelf life has been significantly extended.

Meat: Extensive tests on various meat products show that pulsed light can be used to enhance the shelf life and safety of the product; the recovery count for all microbial types can be reduced by 1-3 logs. The chicken wings were immersed in a mixture of three Salmonella strains (the bacteria were attached in 5 minutes). The inoculated samples were about 5logs / cm2 (high level) and 2logs / cm2 (low level), treated with pulsed light After that, the number of similar bacteria decreased to 2 logs / cm2. Inoculated with the harmless Listeria in pig beef mixed enema, the corresponding low and high levels of enema of 3 and 5logs / cm2 enema were also reduced by pulsed light ~ 2logs. Even with a 30J / cm2 total fluence treatment, the nutrients and protein, riboflavin, nitroamine, benzo flower, and vitamin C were not different from the untreated samples after analysis.

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