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Treatment of Food by Pulsed Light Sterilization Technology 2

May. 16, 2020

Riboflavin can strongly absorb visible light and is sensitive to degradation of light, heat and oxidation. The research results from beef, chicken and fish show that even excessive pulsed light treatment does not affect the concentration of riboflavin. High intense pulsed light equipment manufacturer shares with you.

Many experiments on retail beef have confirmed that the efficacy of pulsed light is significant for microbiology and sensory shelf life. Pulsed light is non-selective. When it is used to treat meat, all exposed microorganisms can be killed. The total aerobic bacteria count, lactic acid bacteria, intestinal bacteria and Pseudomonas counts are similarly reduced by about 1-3 pairs number.

Meats Sterilization Equipment

Pulsed light treatment on the surface of the medium, packaging or related samples, and complex surfaces like meat (there are small surface pockets, cracks and wrinkles, which can prevent microorganisms from exposure), generally 1 to 3 logarithms Drop.

Water: pulsed light can also be used for effective treatment of drinking water or combined water. The experimental model of the laboratory showed the potential effectiveness of pulsed light treatment of water, which had a high inactivation effect on the egg sac of klebsiella lucidum, cryptosporidium microbe, and other microorganisms in water or suspended state. However, the chlorine treatment method used in urban water supply system and the traditional UV water treatment had only a minor effect on the oocysts, and the oocysts of cryptosporidium (there has been a large-scale outbreak of cryptosporidium mildew) were resistant to chemicals such as KMnO4 and fixants.

Miehael Arrowood's test of the US Centers for Disease Control, using live mice for infectivity testing, originally containing 6 or 7 logs / ml Klebsiella terrestris suspension and 6 or 7 logs / ml Cryptosporidium parvum oocyst After flash treatment with 2 pulses, each flash is less than 0.5J / cm2, enough to make no viable bacteria exist. With a pulse of light and a flash of 1J / cm2, the bacterial suspension can be made non-infectious.

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