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Food Sterilization Technology

Jun. 20, 2020

Food sterilization technology (UHP or HHP) refers to placing food sealed in an elastic container in a pressure system with water or other liquid as a pressure transmission medium, and subjected to a pressure treatment of more than 100MPa to achieve sterilization, enzyme killing and food improvement Function and other functions. It is usually carried out at room temperature or lower temperature, under certain high pressure, food protein denaturation, starch gelatinization, enzyme inactivation, life stop activity, bacteria and other microorganisms are killed. It is mainly suitable for all kinds of beverages, liquid foods, condiments and other kinds of packaged solid foods. Our company provides packaging sterilization equipment.


Chemical sterilization

(Fungicides, bacteriostats, preservatives, etc.)

Physical sterilization

(Irradiation, ultraviolet, pulsed electric field, oscillating magnetic field, ultrasound, pulsed light, pulsed x-ray, etc.)

Packaging Sterilization Equipment


1. Compared with traditional heat treatment, it can sterilize and kill enzyme at normal temperature or lower temperature. It reduces the loss or deterioration of food nutrients, color, aroma and taste caused by high heat treatment.

2. Because the pressure transmission speed is fast and uniform, there is no pressure gradient, and the ultra-high pressure treatment is not affected by the size and shape of the food, making the ultra-high pressure treatment process relatively simple.

3. It consumes less energy, and only needs to be pressurized by a hydraulic high-pressure pump in the boosting stage during the process, while no energy input is needed during the constant pressure and depressurization stages.

Operation control

1. Ultra-high pressure processing requires very special equipment, such as orange juice may be batch processed in the pressure chamber, and then aseptically filled in pre-sterilized packaging.

2. Ultra-high pressure processing must consider the type of microorganisms, product characteristics, ideal process (pasteurization or commercial disinfection) and product sales methods.

3. Ultra-high pressure treatment is very effective for growing bacteria, yeast and mold, but the spores will not be inactivated by high pressure, but need additional heating or some other effects to achieve a high level of killing.

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