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Is Pulsed Light Suitable for Your Packaging?

Aug. 10, 2020

Pulsed strong light technology is a kind of pulse engineering technology using instantaneous discharge and a special inert gas lamp tube, which excites strong white light in pulse form. The spectral distribution is similar to sunlight, and the light intensity is equivalent to thousands or even thousands of sunlight reaching the surface of the earth tens of thousands of times a world-leading light source technology. It uses instantaneous, high-intensity pulsed light energy to kill various microorganisms, thereby making up for the shortcomings of traditional heat sterilization and chemical sterilization. Pulsed strong light technology appeared in the 1980s and has developed into a powerful industrial technology that can be applied to many fields such as water treatment, air sterilization, food processing, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and sideline products.

Pulsed light technology is a cleaning process that uses short pulses of strong, broad-spectrum light to disinfect the packaging surface. All bacteria, even spores, will be killed immediately.

Compared with the traditional process, pulsed light sterilization has received the attention of the industry in the similar degree of decontamination:

Compact equipment and easy to integrate

Low carbon, low energy consumption, low energy consumption, no chemicals

Economy: TCO is lower than traditional methods.

Powerful: online instant treatment to ensure a high level of decontamination.

Pulsed Light Sterilization

From standard bottle caps to buckets and lids, how does the technology work?

Pulsed light technology is a "WYSIWYG" ("What you see is what you get") technology, which means that only the visible area is purified: shadows are the only constraint, and the geometry of a particular package can be a challenge.

We now have an effective decontamination solution:

All types of bottle caps, flat caps, sports caps, 5-gallon caps, crowns, metal and long necks, preforms and necks.

Photothermal sterilization mechanism


Our sterilization process is suitable for:

Suitable for cups of various capacities and shapes (from mini dessert cups to buckets and pails), round or rectangular, whether preformed or FFS pots.

For various materials: polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene. Non-thermal, without the use of chemicals and water, our solution has reached the high performance level of the PLA Cup without affecting the traditional methods of materials.

Our device can be installed on a linear or rotary filling line with speeds up to 60 strokes/min.

The above information is provided by pulsed light equipment manufacturer.

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