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Pulse Light Disinfection Robot Officially Launched

Dec. 23, 2020

Since the outbreak of the "new crown"epidemic, "how artificial intelligence can help prevent and control the epidemic"has become a hot topic in society.

"The robot is about to perform pulse ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection operations, please avoid it..." The pulse light disinfection robot independently developed by the high-tech enterprise Zhongwu Disinfection Technology Co., Ltd. officially started.

Under the severe epidemic environment, the high-tech enterprise Zhongwu Disinfection Technology Co., Ltd. handed in an excellent answer!

During the epidemic, we know nothing better than providing epidemic tracking, disease knowledge popularization, online consultation, etc., but these measures still provide limited support for front-line epidemic prevention.

Sterilization and disinfection work is not in place, and infection cannot be avoided only by protection. In the face of the spread of the virus, the elimination of major hospitals, schools, hotels, offices and other public places is particularly important. However, the amount of disinfection work is huge, and the traditional disinfection work exposes operators to high-risk environments at all times. For example, the pungent smell of 84 disinfectant will make the elderly, children, and patients with respiratory diseases uncomfortable, and the concentration of alcohol disinfection is high. Flammable etc.

So is there an efficient, safe, pollution-free disinfection robot to replace manual disinfection work?

Pulsed light disinfection robots use powerful xenon white light pulses, which penetrate the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, making them no longer infectious. Compared with traditional sterilization methods, they are more efficient and safer.


Pulsed Light Disinfection Robot

Advantages of pulsed light disinfection robot

1. Efficient disinfection

The 2KW robot can complete disinfection in 2-5 minutes, reducing the infection rate in the hospital by more than 80%.

2. Broad-spectrum disinfection

In addition to laser, the strongest artificial light source is 200-1100nm, full-spectrum pulse flash, and the peak power is 10 million times that of ordinary.

3. Environmental protection and safety

No mercury, no release of residual chemical substances, no pollution to the environment.

Zhongwu Sterilization Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter refer as ZST), a high-tech company, already gets to be the only one in China that has the ability to self-develop, manufacture and sell pulsed light sterilization systems relying on a famous Chinese academy.

ZST has over 8 years of pulsed light experience and applies its industry-leading expertise to the design and manufacture of high quality pulsed light systems for use in a wide range of food production processes. Its mission is to provide customers with faultless service, and to continue improving the performance of its equipment in order to ensure food individuals eat sterile.If you want to get more information about high intense pulsed light equipments,please contact us.

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