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Pulsed Light Sterilization Robot

Jul. 09, 2020

The pulse light air sterilization robot is a new type of environmentally friendly and efficient sterilization product. It uses the principle of pulsed xenon lamp high-pressure ionization polarized light, and uses high-intensity ultraviolet band light to efficiently and quickly inactivate various microorganisms on the surface of the object and in the air to achieve disinfection sterilization purpose. Meet the requirements of disinfection and sterilization of various medical and health institutions, food manufacturing and hotels, stations, airports and other public places.

1. Product Features

1) Sterilization is fast and efficient.

2) Decompose chemical pollutants (formaldehyde, benzene) in the air, etc., and quickly purify the environment.

3) Cold sterilization technology has no effect on temperature-sensitive objects.

4) Without preheating, it can be opened and stopped immediately.

5) Environmental protection, no mercury, no environmental pollution.

6) Low energy consumption and long lamp life.

7) Produces slight ozone and assists in sterilization.

8) A wide range of applications: hospitals, public places, food manufacturing (maintaining food nutrition), and also provide solutions for central air conditioning sterilization.

9) Solve the problems of the existing traditional sterilization time, low efficiency, environmental protection, and dead ends.

Pulse Light Air Sterilization Robot

2. Product features

1) One-click sterilization

Configure the default sterilization mode, start with one click, use the photochemical, photothermal and pulse effects of pulsed strong light to destroy the cell structure of microorganisms, and obtain a safe and sterile medical environment quickly and efficiently.

2) Man-machine separation

Through the delay start or remote control function, the operator can be separated from the sterilization device to protect personal safety.

3) Remote control

Through the mobile terminal app, remotely select the working mode to perform sterilization.

4) Image transmission

The mobile terminal app acquires video images and monitors the working environment in real time.

5) Intelligent operation

Through video assistance, control the sterilization device to run to the designated position to start the secondary operation.

6) Intrusion protection

Detection and protection of personnel intrusion. Avoid accidental entry of personnel during sterilization operations and exposure to strong light.

7) Automatic alarm

Automatically monitor the status of each subsystem in the sterilization device. When abnormal, it can automatically implement protection, trigger audible alarm and prompt alarm information.

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