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UV Disinfection Robot Fight against the New Coronavirus

Jan. 28, 2021

Some 200 public hospitals in Spain have taken the first step towards becoming one of the first countries to receive so-called "UV disinfection robots" from the European Commission, according to foreign media. The equipment combines two technologies, ultraviolet light and robotics, and its new use has great potential in times of pandemics: it can sterilise spaces that could be contaminated by the new virus without human intervention.

The EC recently noted at a meeting of its Health and Safety Committee that the robots could help limit the spread of the virus while protecting healthcare workers and patients, and prevent cleaning staff from being put at risk during the sterilisation process, reports the Spanish newspaper El País on 13 October. According to the EC, these devices are capable of eliminating 99.99% of pathogens in confined spaces.

The machines have been used successfully in hospitals in Europe and in some parts of the world and can effectively meet the sterilisation requirements of hospitals, the EC said on 12 December.

The Spanish Ministry of Health said on the 12th that there are about 200 Spanish hospitals showing interest in the above technology. The EC said that the robots will be distributed according to the epidemiological situation and needs of each country.

Reports indicate that Spain has been one of the countries that have shown the most interest in the programme. As of now, a number of other countries, including Sweden and Germany, have requested more information on the subject. The Swedish commissioner told the EC: "We have not yet seen any research on the effectiveness of such robots." The German commissioner was more cautious, even mentioning the dangers of UV radiation. "The robots can be operated outside the room and the operators will not be exposed to UV radiation under any circumstances", the EC replied.

The EC hopes to distribute the first 50 robots in November, and then "at a rate of 50 per month". In any case, this number is only a first step, as a hospital with around 300 beds will need a dozen of these robots.

 UV Disinfection Robot

UV Disinfection Robot

UV Disinfection Robot is the latest infection prevention technology in disinfecting operating rooms, ICU, wards. Etc.

The system consists of 6 amalgam UV lamps and rotational reflector technology to effectively distribute UV-C output to the surroundings to inactivate and kill microorganisms.

How does the UV Disinfection Robot work?

Operator moves robot to a disinfection area, plug in the power, personal leave the site, turn it on remotely,

after 30second pre-heating, the device starting disinfection.

Radar sensors: if people in the disinfection area, the device will be power off automatically.

When it comes to the operating room, we all know that disinfection is important, but we also know that human error can cause inconsistencies in preventing HAIs (hospital-acquired infections).

UV disinfection robots utilize a specific UV light (UVC) to kill germs and pathogens that may remain on surfaces after the manual cleaning and disinfecting process.

Why do you need a UV Disinfection Robot ?

Application of UV Disinfector Robots in hospitals patient and operating rooms save patients’lives by reducing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) and operational costs for hospitals.

The robot is being used to destroy microscopic bacteria and viruses that may have been missed during the manual cleaning process.

Warm tips:

1. Be careful not to directly irradiated human skin when ultraviolet disinfection, especially human eyes.

2. Do not look directly when UV germicidal lamp is lighting, Wearing glasses to avoid eye injury.

The above information is provided by the UV disinfector robots supplier.

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