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Gold Detector Machine

Gold detector machine, also called metal detector, is a widely used detector. There are three main categories: electromagnetic induction type, X-ray detection type, and microwave detection type. It is an electronic instrument used to detect metals and can be used in many fields.

Technical Data

Providing Customized Gold Detector Machine Services

ModelJNC100 series
Detection methodElectromagnetic induction
Belt speed (m/min)25
Monitor4 Inch
Detection sensitivity

0.8mm iron ball

1.5mm Stainless steel ball

Detection window size (W×H ,mm)150×100
Weight (KG)≈90
Conveyor line height (mm)850±50
Equipment size (L×W×H ,mm)1000×620×1110 Excluding tower lights
Alarm modeAudible alarm Downtime rewind
Gas source (Mpa)0.5~0.8
Power supply220V/50HZ
Reject categoryStandard blown Optional lever Pusher Falling

Gold Detector Machine application field

Metal detectors for the food industry

In the food industry, metal detectors are mainly used to detect metal impurities. There are two types of metal detectors for food: belt type and pipeline type. The belt type is a conveyor belt. Put the food on the belt and pass the probe. If it contains metal impurities, it will alarm and stop or remove it. The pipeline type is mainly a free-falling type, where the food falls freely, and the probe will alarm and then be discharged.

Application of metal detectors in other industries

Textiles (food, medicine, clothing, apparel, toys, shoe materials) inspection for broken needles. The special name is: needle detector, needle detector

The special names for security and anti-theft inspection are: metal detection door, security door, metal detection security door.

To match user application requirements, we develop custom solutions to be compatible with industrial production.


JNJ series equipment is widely used in metal detection in food, medicine, and daily chemical fields.

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