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Packaging Sterilization Equipment

The equipment for packaging offers high speed sterilization solutions for surface microbial decontamination and is integrated in-line upstream of the filling on the sensitive product packaging line.


The Pulsed Light Packaging Sterilization Equipment provides high speed serialization solutions for surface microbial decontamination and is integrated in-line upstream of the filling cup, capping lids or blowing bottle on the sensitive product packaging line. 

Offering a range of user-defined, application-specific configurations, the module yields pathogen reductions from 4 to 6 log.


Base on speed of production line, mode of material movement, instillation space and sterilization requirements, module quantity and power are customized. Sterilization time and frequency can be adjusted in line with material type and production line requirements.


What is Pulsed Light Sterilization?

Pulsed light technique is a non-thermal sterilization method that is safe (mercury-free), high efficiency and energy-saving. This technology uses a large amount of light energy (up to Kilojoules) to be released in a short time (microseconds) to kill microorganisms, the peak power of one flash can reach 1MW.


Extremely high density energy, spectrum wavelengths of light synergy(200nm-1100nm) on the microbial surface, which can instantly eliminates mold, bacteria and viruses, up to 6 log decontamination level.


Pulsed light packaging sterilization equipment: HOW IT WORKS?

The system is consist of an optical unit, control system and cooling system.

An optical unit suitable for the size of the line (number of lanes), integrated upstream of the filling, capping or blowing unit for cups, lids or bottle preform sterilization, a control and cooling system located next to the line.



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surface packaging sterilization

High intense pulsed Light equipment is applied as a fast and reliable method in continuous operating filling plants. 

Applications include food safety as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries to disinfect packaging materials. 

Pulsed Light technology can inactivate pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms on food products to significantly extend shelf life.

Technical Data

Providing Customized Services

Electronic cabinet standard size (W×H×D, mm):700 × 1700 × 500
Optical unit standard size (W×H×D, mm):760 × 120 × 300
Equipment weight(KG)≈500KG
Lamp Module quantity1-4
Capacity (×1000 pcs/H)40
Power supply380 V±10%, 50 / 60Hz
Rated power (KW)4-20
Relative humidity≤ 85%
Environment temperature (℃)3-45


Q: What are the Mechanisms of microbial inactivation using Pulse light?

A:There are two effects which are responsible for the microbial inactivation,

the first one is the photochemical effect, which is due to the uv light, the second one is the photo thermal effect,


~Photochemical effect: due to the presence of UV-light, which acts directly on the DNA cells of the micro-organisms. The DNA of cells, which is responsible for the cell reproduction absorbs the UV-light through the conjugated double system present in the DNA, the absorbed energy, breaks the alignment of double bonds which cause (or) develops rearrangement in the DNA, which leads to the disruption of the DNA cells. There will be activation of electronic and photochemical reactions which can prevent the DNA reproduction, due to the formation of pyrimidine and

thymine dimmers.


~Photo thermal: the absorption of light pulses and dissipation of absorbed pulses into heat by the surface. There will be rapid heating of microbial cells, because the cells absorb more amount of pulsed light energy when compared to the surrounding medium, sometimes at higher dosage there are temperatures which can reach up to 130°C, which are sufficient enough for the excess heating and disruption of cells, which leads to the death of micro-organisms. But the overall product temperature remains unchanged.


Q: Is your equipment safe?

A: We have passed the national quality and production safety certification.


Q: What does the equipment consist of?

A: It consists of control system, optical system and cooling system.


Q:What is the price of the equipment

A: The actually price according to your requirement, it is customized.


Q: What kind of bacterias your equipment can kill?

A:Pulsed light is effective for all types of microorganisms 


Q: What are your main customers?

A: MENGNIU Dairy, YILI dairy, Wondersun, Bright Dairy, Nongfu Spring, New Hope Group, ClassyKiss, Yolplait, Shanghai Shikoku, Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd, Juewei duck neck, etc.


Q:What should we do if we want to buy your equipment?

A: Please send sample to our company for qualitative experiments, make a non-standard design of the equipment according to the customer requirement, then send customer a project solution and quotation included, after getting approval, sign a contract.


Q: Will your equipment get hot?

A: The Xenon lamp of our equipment generates heat, so we use a cooling system to cool down.


Q:What factors can influence the effectiveness of pulsed light packaging sterilization?

A: The number of flashes, input power, conveying speed, shape of the object being illuminated, irradiation distance


Q: What are the application of pulsed light packaging sterilization?

A: Dairy industry, packaging industry, fruit juice beverage industry, agricultural product processing, betel nut industry, health care product industry, aquatic product processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.


Q: How long will the equipment lead time?

A: According to customer needs, the packaging material sterilization module will be delivered within 30 days. 

The specific and production line depends on the design. In principle, it will be delivered within 60 days.


 Advantages of pulsed light packaging sterilization

lNo disinfectant residues in the packaging;

lCompact sterilization unit, can be integrated into a retrofit line;

lHigh speed, according to production line speed, up to 100,000 bph;

l Instantly eliminates mold, bacteria and viruses, up to 6 log decontamination level by a single pulse;

    Light sterilization, safe,no water consumption;

l Install at upstream of filling or capping steps;

l Broad spectrum sterilization effect on different microorganisms;

lEco-friendly, Xenon lamp, mercury-free, no pollution;

lNo pre-heating time, Instant treatment;

lAdjustable module size and flexibly flashing frequency to meet the various types of production line;

lSelf-monitoring, automatic adjustment of parameters, traceable.

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