Pulsed Light Disinfection Robot

Pulsed Light Disinfection Robot produces zaps of intense pulse light covering the full germicidal spectrum for fast and effective disinfection. It is efficient in killing viruses (such as C. diff, MRSA, VRE MDROs and etc.) and bacteria around our environment. It consists of a main body, a lamp and a human-computer interaction interface. The compact size makes it easy to move in the public area.

Product Description

Pulsed Light Disinfection Robot, which are manufactured in Ningbo, China, uses a technology that emits an extremely high-power flash of white light containing UV capable of killing all undesirable microorganisms, disinfecting surfaces and air.

Only Zhongwu has pulsed light technology in China.

Pulsed Light Disinfection Robot is being used to clean hospital rooms where there have been suspected cases of the new coronavirus. 

The robot can clean a room in as little as five minutes.

Reducing the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA and Clostridium difficile (C.diff).

How does Pulsed Light Disinfection Robot work? 

Press "Flash Start", the lamp body will start to rise, after rising to a certain height, once the countdown is over, it will start to flash.

The operator should stay away from the sterilization area in time. After the disinfection is completed, the device will automatically lower to the lowest point to retract the lamp body. 

After getting the work done, the operator needs to turn off the main power switch, unplug it, unlock the wheels, and put away the wires and warning sign.

Working video:


Pulsed light disinfection: How does it work?

PL technology uses short duration pulses of high intensity broad-spectrum light ranging in wavelength from 200 nm to 1100 nm. 

It is generally accepted that PL inactivates and destroy microorganisms due to the absorption of UV light by microbial DNA.

The peak power of one flash is around 1 megawatt (Mwatt). The flashes present a continuous spectrum, rich in UV light, that lasts a few hundred microseconds. 

The housing of the lamp is made of quartz, so almost no optical energy is wasted. 


-Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) (greater than 80%);

-More efficient and safer;

-Greatly reduce hospital infection control costs;

-The disinfection time takes only 5-15 minutes;


Chinese hospitals are now deploying Zhongwu's Pulsed Light Disinfction Robots.

It is suitable for patient room, ICU, operation room and toliet room of hospital.

Pulsed Light Disinfection Robot  $22,000/set Min.

OEM Pulsed Light Disinfction Robot accepted

Pulsed light disinfection robot OEM 2.jpgPulsed light disinfection robot OEM 2.jpg

Technical Data

Spectral range200-1100nm Full-spectrum
Flashing frequency (Hz) 3
Lamp life (million pulses)3 million times
Rated power (KW)1-2
Total input voltage220 V±10, 50Hz
Relative humidity≤ 80%
Environment temperature3-45℃

Test Report

Pulsed light disinfection robot OEM 2.jpg

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