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  • Roll-to-Roll Photon Sintering System

Roll-to-Roll Photon Sintering System

Photon sintering is a new type of printed conductive paste rapid sintering technology.

Product Description

It is to use metal particles to selectively absorb broad-spectrum ultraviolet light, so that metal particles absorb light energy to achieve sintering. 

Since the light energy is only absorbed by the metal particles, the substrate material does not have a significant temperature rise while achieving the sintering circuit, and thus is particularly suitable for various plastic films and paper substrates. It can be used to sinter copper as well as silver inks, and is designed to work with inks from various manufacturers.

Technical Data

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Number of lamps12
(J/cm2)Maximum illumination>3>3
(mm)Irradiation area150×75280×150
(nm)Spectral range220-1100320-1100 Adjustable220-1100320-1100 Adjustable
Discharge mode selectionSingle pulse, multi pulse combinationSingle pulse, multi pulse combination
(mm)Irradiation distance0-100 Continuously adjustable automatically0-100 Continuously adjustable automatically
(μs)Single pulse width range100-1900100-1900
(μs) Pulse width adjustment accuracy11
(μs) Minimum pulse interval100100
Electrical requirements220V±10%, 30A220V±10%, 30A
(KW) Maximum output power33
Weight (KG)≈200≈300
Equipment size (W×H×D mm)650×613×1634800×613×1634


The equipment is able to meet or exceed oven performance in a small fraction of the time, process a wide variety of material/substrate combinations, process large areas, integrate with existing and new roll-to-roll systems or conveyors, and work with challenging low-temperature substrates like PET and paper. Because of these attributes, it is the right manufacturing tool for printed electronics developers and manufacturers who is seeking to cut product costs and improve product innovation.

--Instantaneous ON/OFF;

--Small area covering;

--Change in frequency and power in real time;

--Integrate with industrial ROLL-T0-ROLL printing line;

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