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  • Solid Food Sterilization Production Line

Solid Food Sterilization Production Line

ZHONGWU carries out in-line continuous sterilization solution for solid food surface. Pulsed light technology is a good choice for surface decontamination of different kinds of solid foods surface such as fruit, vegetables, bakery products, meat products, fish and egg shells.

Technical Data

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Equipment size (W×H×D, mm):6090×2200×1582
Floor space required for overhaul, maintenance and movement(W×D, mm)6200×2500
Equipment weight (KG)≈1800
Lamp module quantity4
Production capacity (KG/H)100-1000
Lamp life (million pulses)≥8
Power supply380 V±10%, 50/60Hz
Rated power (KW)20
Relative humidity≤ 85%
Environment temperature (℃)3-45


areca-nutdried jujubesurface of meat sterilizationsurface of bread sterilization

The Solid Food Sterilization Line is designed for manufacturers to decontaminate microorganisms on the surface of meats and dried fruits such as Chinese data, Chinese wolfberry, betel nut but also retain vegetables and fruits fresh. 

Pulsed light sterilization treatment has several advantages:

--It is faster and leaves no residues. 

--Reduction of mold and spores up to 6 log

--Reduction of mycotoxins and other molecules

--Product shelf-life extended

--No alteration of colour, taste and texture


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