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Vision Inspection System

The JNS series Visual inspection equipment consists of control system, transmission system, electric cabinet, which can realize constantly 360 ° full coverage of in-line visual inspection of items inspected.

Technical Data

What is Vision Inspection System?

The Vision Inspection System is a scientific instrument that decomposes complex light into spectral lines. It is composed of prisms or diffraction gratings. The spectrometer can measure the light reflected on the surface of the object. The seven-color light in sunlight is the part that can be divided by the naked eye (visible light), but if the sunlight is decomposed by a spectrometer and arranged by wavelength, the visible light only occupies a small range in the spectrum, and the rest are the spectrum that the naked eye cannot distinguish, such as infrared, microwave , UV, X-ray, etc. Through the capture of optical information by a spectrometer, development with photographic film, or display and analysis of computerized automatic display numerical instruments, it is possible to detect which elements are contained in the article. This technology is widely used in the detection of air pollution, water pollution, food hygiene, metal industry, etc.

Providing Customized Services

ModelJNS100 (Series)
Industrial camera130 1.3 million pixels
Camera resolution1280*960
Max. detection speed (pcs/H)20,000
Detection position360°full coverage of the bottle
Test content

Defect, Dirty, Deformation;

 Internal impurities in the bottom of the bottle;

Color difference, etc.

Conveyor line height (mm)850±50
Equipment size (L×W×H, mm)1870×815×1730 Excluding tower lights
Gas source (Mpa)0.5-0.8
Power supply220V/50HZ

The role of Portable Spectrograph

Hand-held spectrometers can perform fast, non-destructive, high-precision testing, and are widely used in smelting, geology, non-ferrous metals, building materials, commodity inspection, environmental protection, sanitation and other territories, especially in the field of RoHS testing.

Applications of Portable Spectrograph

  • 1. Alloy material analysis is currently in the field of alloy material testing. It is mainly used for on-site determination of elemental components in the metal materials sciences of military, aerospace, steel, petrochemical, electric power, and pharmaceutical industries. It is an industry and military that accompanies the rise of the world economy. An essential tool for rapid component identification in the manufacturing field.

  • 2. Heavy metal detection In addition to traditional alloy material detection and precious metal detection, RoHs platform is now screening and ore analysis. Hand-held XRF instruments also play an important role in geological exploration and environmental filling assessment. By analyzing heavy metals in soil Elements, you can know the distribution of minerals and pollution in the entire region.

  • 3. XRF technology in other fields can also be used in some new territories, such as wind power and automotive territories. Through the detection of all element gold discs in the oil, it can indirectly reflect the wear of the bearing. There are also many new XRF applications that are being developed, making XRF technology widely used in the industry leader. For example, the welding quality control of the production system in the factory will also use the XRF monitoring analyzer. 

The whole series product is customizable to meet customer requirements.


It can be widely used in appearance inspection within food, electronic industry, medicine, daily chemical and other fields. It is especially suitable for in-line quality control of cooked food, pre-cooked food, meat, baked goods, cereals, dairy products, confectionery, vegetables, fruits, nuts, cosmetics and other products.


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