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  • X-ray Inspection System

X-ray Inspection System

JNX series foreign object detection equipment is a single lane X-ray solution designed for the inspection of a wide range of contaminants (such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramics) in packaged or non-packaged products.

Technical Data

Providing Customized Services

Equipment size (W×H×D, mm)1504×1462×545 Excluding tower lights
Equipment weight (KG)≈260
Power supply220VAC, 50HZ Standby 0.3KW Normal 2KW
Conventional bare machine metal detection sensitivity (mm)

SUS440C ball≥0.5mm; 

SUS304 line (length 2mm)≥0.3mm; 

Aluminum ball ≥ 1.5mm; 

Ceramic ball≥1.5mm


15-inch color TFT LCD display, resistive touch screen

Belt speed (m / min)10-30
Conveyor line height (mm)750±50 Other heights can be customized

Level of Protection


X-ray leakage

Relative humidity≤85%
Environment temperature (℃)0-45

The whole series product is customizable to meet customer requirements.

Working principle

working principle of X-RAY.jpg

The higher the relative density of the detected object and foreign matter, the easier it is to detect.


X-ray inspection


X-ray inspectionX-ray inspection

It can be widely used for foreign object detection in food, electronic industry, medicine, daily chemical and other fields, especially suitable for in-line quality control of cooked food, pre-cooked food, meat, baked goods, cereals, dairy products, confectionery, vegetables, fruits, nuts, cosmetics and other products.

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