Air Disinfector ZWV-Y-1200-2

Room Air Disinfector to protect personnel, clients, and patients from infection due to airborne microbes — particularly in crowded or poorly ventilated areas. Removes ultra-fine dust, bacteria, virus and doors to keep indoor air clean. Keeping people safe from viruses and keep them safe with medical air disinfector quality.

Product Description

Zhongwu's Air Disinfector uses a combination of strong ultraviolet, photocatalyst, activated carbon, and multi-layer filtration to achieve high-level disinfection and filtration of air flowing through.


Working Principle

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This machine adopts a tower structure. The curved drainage design on the top, the filtered clean air forms an annular air duct when it rises to the top, thereby quickly purifying the entire room. The innovative tower module filtration, the structure of the device and the sealed fan adopts physical filtration. The filter element has a clear hierarchy. 

Under different environments, different harmful substances are filtered. The activated carbon uses imported catalyst-type modified activated carbon added with potassium permanganate diffused alumina particles. 

It can effectively filter out harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene, and TOC

The photocatalyst produces a strong catalytic degradation function under the action of ultraviolet light: it can effectively reduce toxic and harmful gases in the air, effectively kill a variety of bacteria, and protect the health.

Air Disinfector Structure of Equipment.png


--Continuous disinfection;

--Long life, high intensity UV disinfection;

--Early effect, high filtration filters; The air volume, long life;

--Electrostatic adsorption of dust, sterilization;

--Photocatalyst (TiO2) addition of activated carbon odor antibacterial

--Negative ion air cleaner air;

--Wind speed (high, medium, low) adjustable, wind direction and more to the cycle;

--Microcomputer programmed to run automatically

--Remote control, touch-panel;

--Monitoring PM 2.5 and humiture in real time

--Remote operation(IoT) to turn it on/off

--Negative oxygen ion purify air

Technical Data

Volume of application:75-100m³
Suggested first purification2H
strengthened purification15min
Sterilization rate>99.9% International STD
UV wavelength254nm
Rated power300W
Lamp life8000H
Input Voltage220V±10%
Wind speed900m³/H
Environment humidity≤80%
Environment temperature 3-45℃


Air Disinfector and purifying to improve air quality and prevent spread of disease.

Remove dust and bacteria, continuate dynamically purification disinfection when somebody in room

Resistance to dust, biological sterilization, safe environmental protection.

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The Air disinfector was sold to many hospitals in China.

Hospital rooms need to contain all levels of biohazards, and maintaining such a pristine level of cleanliness requires many hours of routine cleaning. But even with the utmost attention to detail, a human's dedicated work cannot possibly defeat the constantly multiplying army of bacteria

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Application: suitable for operating room, treatment room, ward and other space air disinfection.

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